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Books which I have read (recently)

Posted on 2008.05.30 at 01:23
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Okay, since photigrapes did one, I'll also do a list of books I've read recently. Mine isn't as long though, and possibly incomplete because I have a mind like a sieve.

1. Ender's Game. Pretty good, but I have a hard time believing he's six at the beginning of the story. Ending was better than I thought, since I thought I'd have to read the whole series to get to the real ending.
2. City of Ember. I've got to stop reading stories where the main character is under age. It was good, but it probably would have been better in middle school.
3. Mister B. Gone. Totally saw where this book was going from about the second page. Oh sure Mr. Demon, I'll totally burn your book. Just let me finish writing all my deep dark secrets into this mysterious journal first.
4. 1984. Really liked this one, other than the history/political bit in the middle. That part was probably more relevant when it was written. Also, not as much newspeak as I was expecting.
5. Anansi Boys. Why did I take so long to start reading this one? It was really good.
6. House of Leaves. Really fun to read, the ending wasn't really as satisfying as I'd like. Also it trailed off more than properly ending. But the crazy formatting was fun.

So... I think that's it. I feel like there was another one around the time I was reading House of Leaves but I don't really remember. Maybe it was a non-fiction book I was carrying around. Anyway, this summer I intend to catch up on some reading. Any suggestions?

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